General Terms and Conditions
Company Glasaugen Oliver Husten

1. General
The terms and conditions below shall apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services. Glasaugen Oliver Husten will not accept any general terms and conditions of the buyer which may differ from those stated herein. Any deviations herefrom shall be subject to our explicit written consent.
2. Prices
The prices understand themselves per pair gross additional handling and shipping. With appearance of the next price list our past prices become invalid.
3. Delivery
Glasaugen Oliver Husten shall select the form of shipping most convenient to the buyer. Partial deliveries shall be admissible where unavoidable. All deliveries shall be made as soon as possible, except where fixed dates have been agreed and confirmed.
4. Data Protection
Data required for the processing of orders shall be stored in a data retrieval system. All personal data shall be treated in the strictest confidence.
5. Payment
Payment shall be made net and to the full amount within 10 days of delivery, unless agreement has been reached on cash on delivery or cash in advance. Where payment by direct debit has been agreed, the amount due shall not be debited from the buyer's account until at least 12 days after the date of dispatch. In case of default, Glasaugen Oliver Husten shall be entitled to charge interest on the outstanding amount at 5 % above the applicable discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank, plus turnover tax. A charge of EUR 3.- shall be made for each reminder.
6. Property
The title to the goods shall remain with Glasaugen Oliver Husten until payment has been made in full. The buyer shall be entitled to resell the goods delivered in his regular course of business subject to reservation of title, with the proviso that he shall, by way of security, surrender any immediate or subsequent claims arising therefrom to Glasaugen Oliver Husten, up to the amount invoiced.
7. Right of Return
Any goods may be returned within 14 days. A refund shall be credited to the buyer's account subject to him returning the goods unused and in the original package.
Special productions on express customer's request are excluded from the conversion.
8. Warranty
Where delivered goods are found to be defective, Glasaugen Oliver Husten shall supply a replacement delivery (subject to the defective goods having been returned within 14 days, out of Germany 20 days ).
9. Liability
Any compensation claims resulting from delay, impossibility of performance, violation of contractual and statutory subsidiary obligations or protection-of-interest obligations, culpa in contrahendo, or noncontractual liability, shall be ruled out, unless the damage has been caused by gross negligence on the part of Glasaugen Oliver Husten. Glasaugen Oliver Husten's liability shall be limited to three times the delivery price, whatever the cause in law.
The UN - sales low comes for no one contract to applications.

Place of Fulfilment/Jurisdiction
The place of fulfilment shall be Lauscha/Thuringia.
The courts of jurisdiction is Sonneberg/Thuringia
shall have exclusive competence for any disputes arising out of or pursuant to these general terms and conditions.

Valid as of 1 November 2003.

Glasaugen Oliver Husten
Oliver Husten
Straße des Friedens 97
98724 Lauscha
Phone & Fax 0049 36702-21272

Data for consumer

goods can be returned within 14 days. Credit note takes place with return in unused and original condition. If lack should arise with the supplied commodity, we will repair these by subsequent delivery (applies only during return of unsatisfactory goods within 14 days). The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the commodity. With a commodity value to including 40, - EURO is the buyer obligates the goods back at own expense and dangers to send. With a commodity value of more than 40, - euro take over we the costs of the return motion. During return possible extra costs always go to the commodity without tuning debited to the customer. This regulation does not apply to articles, which were manufactured on special customer's request by us.
To these trading conditions as well as the business relations between the salesman and buyers the right of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.
Other national rights as well as the international purchase right are excluded.
General Terms and Conditions accepted

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