We, the company Glasaugen Oliver Husten, manufacture hand made glass eyes for dolls in own workshop after old glassblow traditions and put very large value on quality. The work effected exclusively with the material glass and all products are manufactured in the procedure of the crystal glass eye production. By this art of manufacturing one understands the manual manufacturing about glass eyes with the combination of white cloudy glass (ball) and clear crystal glass (clear glass coat on the colored iris), which the eye the incomparable gloss lends. The glass tubes and glass rods, which we use for this, are pulled still by hand today in the mother glasswork in Lauscha

(Thüringer Wald), which exists since 1597. Our mouth-blown glass eyes differ as follows:


Doll eyes is the traditional form of glass eyes, which are characterised particularly by your jet iris.

( very well suitably for antiquity dolls! )


Figure eyes according to the simplified principle of the people eye production, whereby importance is particularly attached to structure design, gloss and spatial appearance of the iris.


Dark edge figure eyes are just as manufactured as figure eyes, have however a dark edge of iris, which changes for the center of the iris into a brighter color ( very expression-strongly! )



Our assortment contains :


doll eyes in sizes: 16 mm to 24 mm, in 12 different colours.

10 mm to 14 mm in colours ( 00, 01, 04, 06 and 10 )

colour no.:

00 = blue 01 = topaz-blue 02 = grey 03 = light-blue

04 = topaz-d-blue 05 = fawn-coloured 06 = brown 07 = topaz

08 = darkgreen 09 = turquise 10 = greygreen 11 = blackblue

figure eyes in sizes: 16 mm to 26 mm, in 9 different colours.

10 mm to 14 mm in colours ( 20, 21, 22, 23 and 27 )


colour no.:

20 = greygreen 21 = greenblue 22 = hazel 23 = grey
24 = greyblue 25 = blackblue 26 = lightblue 27 = blue

28 = topazblue

dark edge figure eyes in sizes: = 16 mm to 26 mm in 6 different colours.


colour no.:

30 = mediumblue 31 = greygreen 32 = hazel

33 = bluegrey 34 = darktopaz 35 = grey

II. Quality


We offer on all eye sorts also in II. Quality. These eyes are not damaged and also mouth-blown. They possess however contrary to our superquality small errors (small differences in the pupil or iris size) II. Quality is particularly suitable for beginners, since the gloss and the appearance remain keeping full. There II. Quality eyes not always in all colors at stock are, can there occur that we dispatch a similar color in the desired diameter. If you do not indicate this solution to desires, then you this please for your order by notes of the purchase order form.