Ladies and Gentlemen,

All prices understand themselves per pair plus dispatch and packing.
All prices in our Onlineshop contain the legal value added tax.
With transmissions into the European Union you give please your TAX No. ( if available )
Please pay your invoice by :
company Name : Glasaugen Oliver Husten
Konto No.: 0913738500
BANK No. : 820 800 00
BANK Name : Dresdner Bank Neuhaus
SWIFT code : DRES DE FF 826

Dealers inquire please after collecting main of their registration of a trade their possible discount.

Our handling and shipping coasts total:

Package ending in Germany 7,14 EUR
Package ending into the EU 35,70 EUR
Package ending rest of Europe 65,45 EUR
Package ending USA, Canada 83,30 EUR
Package ending in Asia 90,44 EUR

We send your order with UPS.
If you should prefer however another parcel company, you communicate to us please.


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