Ladies and Gentlemen,

on our service side you experience everything over remarks, special sizes as well as special productions of our mouth-blown glass eyes.

1. Remarks
Our glass eyes receive you beside the normal round form also as oval eyes (boat form). Here an addition is raised from 20 % on the standard price.

2. Iris size
The iris size amounts to always during normal execution half of the glass ball + 0.5 to 1.0 mm. Example: 20 mm of glass eyes = 10.5 mm - 11.0 mm iris size. You keep all natural our eye sorts and eye colors when desired even with smaller or larger iris (particularly suitably for Reborn dolls) here an addition from 10 % on the standard price are raised.

3. Eye ball diameter
Our dolls as well as figure eyes are available with an eye ball diameter from 10 mm to 26 mm, our dark edge figure eyes with an eye ball diameter from 16 mm to 24 mm, in 2 mm steps to order. Example : 14 mm of eye ball diameters, next available size of 16 mm, 18 mm... u.s.w. Naturally we make you also gladly eyes in 1 mm distance. Here an addition is raised from 10 %.

4. Special productions
There we all our glass eyes themselves to make deal we naturally also gladly with special wishes of you. So we can copy eyes, which want to train you later into a Portrait doll for example with collecting main of a photography. Here you contact us please by telephone. Phone No.: 0049-36702 - 21272

We hope you on our service side any incomprehensiblenesses from the way to have vacated. If further questions should exist, you can contact gladly by e-M@il, fax or phone us. We are always anxious, so that your little darlings with radiating eyes see the sunshine of the world.

Their team of the company Glasaugen Oliver Husten from Lauscha.